Six Word Story Challenge: Day 1-7

I have here my first week’s entries for MJ’s @pageflutter #pfsixwordchallenge. Each day for July, there’s a different prompt where you come up with a story for it, only using six words. For a word nerd like me, this has been A LOT of fun. It’s not too late to join! I originally had planned just to show my entries up to day 6, but I couldn’t resist writing the story for day 7 and went ahead and did that too. (I know I should have waited until tomorrow to post, but peoples, I’m on a posting schedule!) 
Also posted is my #writersbulletjournal with my #currentreads layout. You can see that I started marking my reading each day for the month so far. I love tracking my progress for books this way because I can see which books I like a lot and which need more attention. (Tooth and Claw, you will get finished this month!!) On the right are my Book Activity lists. I plan on creating a blog post about this, so check back her for it!
You can’t see it here in this picture, but there are other posts in my feed featuring my desk as my workspace. Here is where I store my washi collection and all other stationery items for writing and journaling. You can see a glimpse of one of the drawers from my washi tape organizer here too. I’m still organizing, reorganizing it, but I’m thinking it might be neat to organize them in a rainbow washi style. Y/Y?

#pfsixwordchallenge Days 1-7 • #rockyourhandwriting “Reading list” • #planwiithmechallenge “Work Space”


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