Washi Wedneday

Thank you everyone so much for all the recent follows, likes, and comments for my posts. It really means a lot that you enjoy my content enough to give my a follow or like. I’m not strictly a bookstagram or writing or bullet journal account—I love all of these things so when people follow, comment, or like a post, it means you accept all parts of me. I hope you continue enjoying my posts!
I’m SO thrilled at the response to my #writersbulletjournal. I’m a writer and reader, but I also love notebooks, stationery, and pens. It’s really nice to be able to share these parts of my personality with all of you. I’ve been bullet journaling since last September (almost a year!) and I can say it’s changed my reader and writer life dramatically! There’s nothing complicated about it! 
There’s been interest in sharing more about how I use my bullet journal for reading progress and writing progress on my novel. I am planning some blog posts that go in more detail about the different layouts I use and also how I use them. 
What kind of topics about bullet journaling for reading and writing would you all like to see?
If you’d like to learn more about how to set up a bullet journal, I highly recommend watching the creator of the bullet journal, Ryder Carroll’s introduction to the bullet journal on Youtube. I promise you, once you watch it, you’ll be like, “Wait, that’s it?” That’s it! Then come back here so we can fangirl over notebooks and how cool analog is!
This beautiful washi tape is from Becca’s store @pretty.packages. That bird and flower washi is as gorgeous as it looks! She’s super nice and works really hard to get orders out right away. Go ahead! Take a look! You’re welcome!
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