Bullet Journal Challenge: Monthly Set-Up and Today

I hope everyone’s weekend is going well so far! I’m still sorting out my July TBR and it looks like Winter, The Winner’s Curse, and Shadows of Self have made the short list. Still deciding on the rest. β€’

I talked briefly about my current reads layout in my previous post for my #writersbulletjournal that helps me track which books I’m reading and my progress for the month. Another layout I keep is my monthly layout which is a modified tracker. In the overview, I tick off the tasks I complete each day. Then on the right, I make a note for that day of the specific task completed. I’ve been using this system for months now and so far I’ve learned I’m consistent with posting on IG and reading every day. 😁 I’m not so consistent with writing (I go in spurts) and reviewing (I’m SO behind). πŸ˜… Now that my writing program is over, I plan to get back on track with writing everyday. 


Today we stopped in at a couple used bookstores. Since I knew we were going, I checked my Nerd Gear Bujo to see which titles I listed on my Anticipated Buys list. I didn’t find any on my list (which is to be expected at used bookstores), but I did find a copy of Mrs. Dalloway which is the BOM for @notyourmommasbookclub. (Paid $4 and got a $10 credit for filling up my punch card! Score!). I also found Book 4 of Shannon Hale’s Bayern series, which I’m collecting. (I have a separate collection for series that I want to complete but not part of my immediate buys list.) Disappointed I didn’t find any books on my anticipated list, but happy that I got a store credit and I stayed within budget! Go me! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½


I was throwing around the idea of writing a detailed blog post that explains the different collections/layouts in my bullet journals. If you’re, interested, let me know in the comments any questions you might have. 


2 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Challenge: Monthly Set-Up and Today

  1. sittingintheclouds

    I love tour mullet journal. Would love more detail on your current reads collection. I wanna start a book collection of some sort, whether that’s a “to buy” “to read” or “currently reading”, I would love to know how you laid yours out πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jennifer F. Santucci Post author

    Thank you so much for your comment! I’ll work on a post and try to get it up soon.



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