July TBR/Current Reads Bullet Journal Tracker

This still counts as getting in on the first day of challenges, right? I still have 45 minutes until midnight where I live! I doubt I’ll be able to be on time for any other prompts though. 😂
So, I’m a dedicated bullet journaler (you can see the tag #writersbulletjournal) and last night I was setting up my July layouts. One of them is my #currentreads tracker. I set goals each month for reading and books and I use this tracker to help me see my progress. I list the titles of the books I want to read and keep a side list of other books to read once I’m done. I’m pretty good at sticking to my list, but I’m flexible when other books grab my attention and I must read it now! (I’m giving The Raven Cycle the side eye for this!) 
Anyway, like a good booknerd, I wrote down the first set of books I planned to read for July with my alternate list when I’m finished. Then today, the library happened. 😔 I had two books on request come in (thank the book goddess for super fast public library interloan). But GUYS, then I saw the other books and was like, “You’re coming with me too!” So yeah. 
On the right is my July TBR and apparently on the left is also my July TBR. I don’t even know anymore. 😩 This is what happens when I haven’t been to the library in ten months! (See previous posts). 
So for the bullet journalers out there participating in the #planwithmechallenge, Howdy! I’m Jennifer. I’m a writer, reader, and I have no self-control when it comes to books. 
The bookish challenge is July TBR. #julywithcj #sammyreadsjuly16 #livelaughbooksjuly 


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