Sunday Shelfie: Before

I know, not your typical Sunday #shelfie, right? No fairy lights. No hand made banners. Bookish swag poorly displayed. It’s a mess! You’re probably wondering why I would post such a mess of bookcases and well, books. 
This is what a study looks like after months of neglect. If you missed my previous post, I just finished my 10 month writing program and I’m finally getting back to doing things like socialize (with real people) and a bit of housework (my husband is awesome at housework, but I really should get back to helping him.) and getting my office back into order. So, I’m posting this as a before picture. I’m hoping by the end of summer to have my office organized and dare I say bookstagramable by then? I’ll be posting updates on my progress throughout the summer.
Do you guys know Jessica @pages4days? I met her through Kori @_livelaughread on one of her intro posts. We were a few of the older people there and we bonded and Jessica created this tag #oldstagrammer. Like this post. Only an #oldstagrammer would post a #shelfie that’s not really a shelfie, at least not to bookstagram standards. 
Then it got me thinking about other oldstagrammer qualities. Like you know you’re an oldstagrammer when you sigh wistfully when you see white bookcases and tell yourself if you didn’t have small children who would see white bookcases as blank canvases, you could totally do white bookcases OR in The List you have that guarantees you a free pass from cheating, your current bookboyfriend/bookgirlfriend is on The List because it’s entirely possible that one day Mr. Darcy WILL take you to Pemberley and your spouse is completely okay with it. (He’s not so cool with Colin Firth on The List too because I actually stand a chance with that one.) OR you know you’re an oldstagrammer when the young people talk about being done with school and looking forward to break, you freak out because it means your kids will also be on break and holy hells you better stock up on bookstagram shots before summer break because goodbye photo book shoot time. Any #oldstagrammers out there? 


3 thoughts on “Sunday Shelfie: Before

  1. S.E.May

    Congratulations on finishing. That looks like you bunkered down in it, a hard working room. I love it.
    I did laugh reading about white bookcases. When we downsized with just one teenager we finally became adults and got a white bookcase. We felt so free.

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