Summer Reads: YA Contemporaries 

The other night I finished Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson and I really enjoyed it. It was a rough start and I had a hard time liking Emily at first, but by the end I loved her character development. Also, Frank Porter is for sure my new book boyfriend. ❤️😍 Definitely a fun summer read! 
I do have The Unexpected Everything, but I have other contemporaries to read too! Fantasy is my jam right now, but the bookstagram community has me like “Yeah, I should get that even though I don’t normally read contemporary.” So help me out my fellow booknerds! Should my next contemporary be The Unexpected Everything? Or one of these lovely choices here? 
Also, I love buddy reading especially contemporaries so if you’re interested in reading one of these titles together, let me know! ❤️ 
📝 Writing/portfolio update: still going! On my fifth draft but I’m starting to finally feel like it might be good enough to submit! Almost there! 💪🏼😏


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