IG Tag: Books and Flowers 

As promised in my previous post, here’s the final shot with all the wedding goodies from my cousin’s wedding. (The books are mine! 😂) If you missed the previous post, you’ve got to check out this centerpiece from its profile. It came with a vase lined with lemon slices. So gorgeous! Other wedding favors included a little succulent plant for each guest and pictures from the photo booth. It was such a beautiful wedding and I’m so happy for my cousin. 
Of course, attending this wedding made me think of my own. Next month, will be me and my husband’s 15th wedding anniversary. 😱 Compared to weddings these days, ours was a pretty simple, but heartfelt affair. We were married in a garden and had our reception there too. My wedding favors were bookmarks with quotes from Jane Austen novels and instead of table numbers, we used titles of our favorite books. 😊 I love when couples add their personal touches in their marriage ceremony and reception. 
What are some memorable touches you’ve seen at weddings from the couple? If you’ve had your own wedding, what are some things you incorporated to let your personalities shine through? 🌸🍾💍 Tag: #booksandflowers from mah #booktwin Amy @ladyofthelibrary.


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