The Infernal Devices Swag

Remember my May Owlcrate unboxing post? My TID Clockwork Angel ring from Sparks Emporium @roylgyp got misplaced and I didn’t find until after the shot. 😅 No worries though because I was more than happy to take a picture of TID again with the beautiful ring. Did anyone else cry during this chapter? I think I cried in the last third of Clockwork Princess. 
This post is also for Sarah @newleafwriter and Andrea’s @bookstorefinds Shadowhunter giveaway on Instagram #newleafbookstoregiveaway. Giveaway ends Tuesday! Check it out!
Also, my friend Mäeva @readinginhongkong is looking for reps for her store @wandwitchandwizard on Instagram. You can find out details at #wandwwrepsearch or on the shop page! Rep search ends June 20!


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