TWSO: My last workshop

Last night was the my last writing workshop in my writing program The Writer’s Studio Online #twso through Simon Frasier University @csu_sf. For the last ten months I’ve worked with an incredible group of fellow writers who have become my tribe. Our mentor was June Hutton @hjhuttonjune. Her books are amazing and I’m so grateful and humble that she was our guide on this journey. My group has already made plans to keep meeting and supporting each other after the program ends. It’s been a profound experience and I’m so grateful to have been a part of it. 
The program is not quite over yet. Our final portfolio which should consist of 20 pages of our best work this year must be submitted by the end of the month. 

So, if you’ve notice me spamming your feed lately, it’s because I’m not going to be on as much for the next two weeks. I’ll be around but not as active. Strangely, I’m super pumped to get this done. I’m a little nervous, but mostly eager to get to work!
Once this is done, I can focus on finishing my novel. Last night I did a tally of my word count and I’m at 66k+. My goal is to finish writing it by the summer and it’s looking like I will. My goal to becoming a published author is within reach! 

Wish me luck!


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