Bullet Journal Challenge and Washi Wednesday

So I’m really behind on the bullet journal challenge #planwithmechallenge. Like even this layout is a week behind! 🙈 But, I’m determined to participate because I love bullet journaling and Kara @boho.berry Kim @tinyrayofsunshine Jessica @prettyprintsandpaper and Dee @decadethirty are all amazing hosts and wonderful people–I need to represent!
This entry is for the prompt “This Week”. This is my layout for my dailies. It’s pretty consistent each week. On the left are the tasks for the week. Then after are my daily tasks list where I take tasks from my weekly list and move them to my dailies. I used to set up each day of the week in advance, but switched to just setting up the day before. I like this because I save room. But for last two weeks of my writing program, I’m considering going back to setting up a few days in advance because I have all the things I need to do and I would like to see it all at once. 
Also, this is my offering for #washiwednesday. The washi tape is a collection from Michael’s @michaelscraftstore. My journal is the Leuchtturm 1917 @leuchtturm1917 in Anthracite with squared pages. 

Now, time for some more planning!


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