IG tag: #firstsentence

“The mountain was still shrouded in mist. Skybright felt its cold tendrils against her nape as she climbed the giant cypress tree.” 
I enjoyed Serpentine by Cindy Pon @cindyponauthor so much! A YA fantasy set in a mythical Chinese inspired setting with a female main character who discovers she has demonic snake origins? Yes, please! On top of hiding her identity, Skybright has been adopted into an affluent family and is the handmaiden to the youngest daughter Zhen Ni. They have a close relationship and things become complicated when Skybright starts to have feelings for her and Kai Sen, a boy who lives with in the local monastery. Skybright struggles with her feelings and also finding out answers about who she is. Such a fun read! 
I’ve also learned that book 2 Sacrifice will be coming out this fall! Cindy posted some artwork for the second book and it’s gorgeous! I hope we learn more about Skybright and the fate of her world. I’m so excited. 
Thank you to Eunice @nerdytalksblog for the tag! 


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