National Notebook Day!

Today is National Notebook Day! #nationalnotebookday Can you believe this is the first time for this? Notebooks are life! 🤓❤️ Pictured are the notebooks I use on a daily basis. My writer’s bullet journal is a Leuctthurm 1917 @leuchtturm1917 in Anthracite squared. It’s an A5 which I find the perfect size for my layouts and trackers. I would not be as productive in writing my novel or reading books without this! Also pictured are my Maybooks from @maydesigns. I use these in my Traveler’s Notebook for my real life/mommy life. I’m actually getting ready to start a new menu planner. The question is golden pineapples 🍍 or citrusy oranges🍊? They’re both so perfect for the summer!
And yes! I have matching washi tape for each pattern! 😂😁 You can find the pineapple and citrus tapes at Becca’s store @pretty.packages. She’s just restocked her inventory, so definitely check her store out!

#planwithmechallenge “Resources” and “Tried and True”

#mayigauthors “Weapons of Choice”


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