Washi Wednesday: Murakai haul

Hello to new followers! Besides books and writing, I also love all things stationery and notebooks. I love pens and gorgeous paper products. I was in San Diego for Spring Break and visited a Japanese specialty store Murakai. There isn’t one near me and so when I saw there was one near where I was staying, I had to stop by. What? People stop at stationery stores while on vacation, right? ☺️😁 If you know anything about Japanese stationery, you know it’s always so pretty and useful. It took some searching, but I found these washi tape hidden in the gift wrapping section. There isn’t that much, but it’s carefully printed and it’s more like true washi–it’s made of thick paper. It’s not adjustable either. Not like usual washi tape we get here, but it’s good quality. Just have to use it sparingly! 
Hope you’re having a wonderful week so far! 


3 thoughts on “Washi Wednesday: Murakai haul

  1. Idle Emma

    So pretty! And yes, of course people stop at stationery stores when on holiday…or at least I do – last year, rather than look at some of the amazingly pretty buildings of Bath on a gorgeous day, I dragged my sister into a Paperchase store!

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