Y’all West Arc: Gemina by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman

Here’s the last of my ARC haul from Y’all West @yallwest Gemina by Jay Kristoff @jay_kristoff and Amie Kaufman @amiekaufmanauthor. 
Crazy story about getting this. I went to the First in Line booth to redeem my invitation to get Nicola Yoon’s ARC The Sun is Also a Star. It happened to be the same time they were giving different ARCs out including Gemina. I got my ARC for Nicola Yoon and asked if it were possible to get Gemina too. They told me they just gave the last one away. 😭 They offered me a different one but I declined. Then a young girl came back with Gemina saying she wanted a different book. They gave me her copy and she got something else (don’t remember what.) I told her she was my new favorite person! To make things even more amazing, I got to meet both authors later that day! They were both so nice and they remembered me from Twitter when I told them how Illuminae almost made me cry when I was listening to the audio while at pick up, waiting for my sons. They remembered and Amie dubbed me Crying Carpool Mommy. 😂 
I don’t usually post about stuff like this, but there has been some drama over the ARCs that were distributed at BEA and Book Con over the weekend. (I read about it on Twitter.) Basically, copies of ARCs have been coming up for sale on eBay and bloggers are getting blamed for it. It’s a really sad and upsetting situation since it seems to be a small group who took advantage of the situation of getting ARCs and swag for free and because of this, it could potentially ruin it for everyone else. 
I’ve been posting about ARCs I’ve received from Y’all West and it’s the first time that I’ve ever received any. I’m very grateful for the privilege and thrilled to have books by authors I love and books by new authors that I’m excited to read. It saddens me that this privilege could be taken away for readers like me because there are others who see it as an opportunity for personal gain. 
I’m sharing this to spread awareness. If you see an ARC for sale, please don’t support that individual selling it. Support the author by buying their book when it comes out. ❤️ 🙏🏼


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