Sunday Planning

Sunday means planning and time for reflecting on my accomplishments for the week. It’s been quite a recovery period post book festival adventures, but I’m slowly getting back into my daily routines for reading and writing. Managed to finish two critiques. 1713 written words for the week. Not my best, but much better than before. I also finished a book–Days of Blood and Starlight (OMG. The feels!). Feeling accomplished and ready to tackle next week’s goals. 
I saw these cute stickers in a post from Kacheri and had to get some for myself! I’m so excited to use these in my journal and letters! These are from @keenaprints and she has some really cute planner stickers, but she also has cute bookish stickers too! Check out my Hermione and book stacks stickers! 📚 And of course I had to get the set of snacks stickers too. 🍙🍟🍰 She’s got reasonable prices, but right now she’s having a one year anniversary sale. No code needed! Definitely worth checking out!


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