Owlcrate Contest: The Serpent King by Jeff Zentner 

Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet Jeff Zentner @jeffzentner at a book signing. I loved his book The Serpent King and was so excited to meet him. I pretty much word vomited I-love-your-book-and-I-cried-at-the-end-and-Travis-is-my-favorite. I probably should’ve let him say hi first, but he was so nice about it! (He’s probably used to the incoherent fan raving by now.) 
I showed him my entry for Owlcrate’s @owlcrate #owlcrateking contest and he took a picture of it! 🙈 For the contest, we are supposed to write an inspiring quote on the column just like like Dill, Lydia, and Travis did in the book. I picked a quote from Brandon Sanderson’s @brandon_sanderson_ The Way of Kings. It’s pretty much been my motto these days and I also found it so fitting to go with Travis’s quote and his character. He’s my favorite because of his good heart and loyalty to his friends. 

I also tried some lettering and doodling. (I need so much more practice. 😅) The border is actually Travis’s quote he wrote in on the column. I thought his paired so well with The First Ideal if the Knights of Radiant. YA Contemporary and High Fantasy together? Trust me, if you’ve read both of these books (and you should!), you’ll see why! 
Last day to enter the contest is May 15th!


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