Sorting Myself Out

This week is going by so fast? Does anyone feel that way too? Actually it feels like the month of May is slipping by really fast! 

Going to a major book festival and then another book signing were so much fun, but a lot of things in real life got set aside. I’ve been spending the last two days sorting myself out. I’m up to date on all my journals. I finished one book (Laini Taylor @lainitaylor totally owns me and she’s quite gleeful about it–you can see evidence on my Twitter, but I’m happy to be owned by her and her series.) I finished two critiques and participated in a workshop. I set up my WIP notebook for the next quarter and finally got back into my novel. I’m committed to one hour a day of writing, but I could only do 45 minutes. I managed 902 words in that time which I’m very pleased considering I’ve been off for a few weeks. 

For those of you who are curious, this is my inspiration canvas. I’ve gotten the signatures of authors who inspire me to get published. It’s such a strong visual focus and believe me, my eyes strayed to it a few times last night! Do you recognize any of your favorite YA authors in it?  (And yes. That is my washi tape collection underneath.) 😁


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