Bullet Journal Challenge: Tried and True

Was trying to decide what to post and realized it’s been a while since I’ve shared my writer’s bullet journal. Between the author signing at Barnes and Nobles (see previous posts) and Mother’s Day, I had not updated my Current Reads spread. In the left column is my TBR for May. Then I have a tracker set up. I shade in each box of the book I’ve read that day and then on the bottom I note what pages/chapters I’ve read. Once I’m done with a book, the last entry is shaded in red and the title gets a red check mark. My goal is to finish at least 3 books each month, but since I’ve started this tracking spread since January, I’ve finished 24 books (12 last month). It’s definitely helped with my reading productivity and so have audio books! Under my happy mail, I have lists for New Releases, books bought (for this month), books added to my TBR, and books to read next. 
Feeling pretty good about my Monday and to top it off some happy mail from orders I placed a week ago arrived. I’ve got packages from Becca @pretty.packages and Keena @keenaprints. Washi tape and stickers delivered to my door!
This is also for the bullet journal #planwithmechallenge “Tried and True”.


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