More happy mail: Wand, Witch, and Wizard

I don’t know what I did to deserve such amazing friends, but after Amy’s @ladyofthelibrary happy mail, Mäeva’s @readinginhongkong happy mail came! Mäeva sent these items from her shop @wandwitchandwizard as a thank you for a small gift I gave her. Earrings and the writer’s keychain (I LOVE IT), candy from Hong Kong (I will have this with the tea Amy sent), and the Jane Austen wand! I just about died when I opened the package! I had my eye on it but refrained because I didn’t want take all the Jane Austen themed wands, but I’m thrilled to have it! So now I’m the lucky owner of 3 of Mäeva’s custom wands: Jane Austen (top), Mr. Bennet (middle), and Sherlock (bottom). Amy @ladyofthelibrary has the matching Watson wand! 😁 Each one is unique! She just introduced jeweler and bookmarks into her shop. You all should check out @wandwitchandwizard! 
Thank you Mäeva!! ❤️😘


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