Y’all West: Meeting Artists

Here’s a funny story: I met Grace Fong @fictograph through Aunjuli @riddlesteahoppe on IG. For weeks, I’ve been messaging with her about meeting at Y’all West @yallwest and admiring her artwork. She’s so good you guys! I finally got to meet her and her friends during Y’all West and she gifted me with a sketch she did of Kaz from SoC. Don’t worry, I’ll share it in another post. Anyway, later, I was looking at her site and admiring a particular piece she did of Alina as the Sun Summoner. I was telling Jessica @novelcravings how amazing her art is and she should be famous. Jessica said, “That one is in one of Leigh Bardugo’s books.” I looked it up and of course it was there! I haven’t read Ruin and Rising yet so I hadn’t seen it. I brought it with me on Sunday to have Grace sign it. Then she said, “Nila is on the other page.” You guys, I was burning several shades of embarrassment! Nila @nilaffles art is wonderful. She’s author of the comic MFK and she’s illustrated her own children’s book “How to Find a Fox” due out in the fall. Im so excited for it! I’m sure my kids will love it. 

So here I am totally fangirling over some kick ass artists! Guys, I know artists in real life now!! (Sorry Camille! I couldn’t find your IG to tag you!) Please check out Grace’s @fictograph profile. She’s got some gorgeous work there from Illuminae, Six of Crows, The Young Elites, and The Wrath and the Dawn just to name a few. In her profile is a link to her shop. She’s got a sale going on 15% off prints and phone cases. Use code 8NPYVRB.


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