House Pride Fridays

Today is #rtshousepridefriday hosted by @riddlesteashoppe. Aunjuli is hosting a house pride competition on Instagram and at the end the winner will win teas and other bookish items. Tbh, I’m in this for her tea. I had the pleasure of getting the Harry Potter winter themed sampler which include the blend Christmas at the Burrow. Yes, it’s as good as it sounds! The only draw back is that it’s a seasonal tea!
I’m representing #housegryffindor. Apparently, my house is sorely under represented. I believe Slytherin is in the lead. 😨 Any other Gryffindors out there? We need to represent!
I found these Harry Potter coloring books at Costco. The really nice surprise was the art prints at the back. Not sure if I’ll color the actual coloring pages, but the illustrations are wonderful to look at. My Hermione print is by @meganlaraart which was specially commissioned for an Owlcrate @owlcrate box. My wands are from my dear friend Mäeva’s @readinginhongkong wand shop @wandwitchandwizard. These are the Mr. Bennet and Sherlock wands. So thrilled to have these! My #booktwin Amy @ladyofthelibrary has the matching Watson wand. You can see hers on her profile. 

The scarf is made by me! I knitted it while in the hospital several years ago, hoping it would be ready in time for the release of Order of the Phoenix. Even on my sick bed, I was trying to represent Gryffindor! 😂
Friendly reminder that the deadline to enter my giveaway is TONIGHT at midnight PST. If you haven’t entered, there’s still time. Giveaway details can be found in the original post marked GIVEAWAY. The prize is for a SIGNED copy of the Costco edition of Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare. Good luck!!



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