Bullet Journal Challenge: Using Color

Using color is a prompt from the bullet journal #planwithmechallenge which is one of my favorite things about setting up and using layouts in my bullet journal. 
I’m not great at doodling or drawing so I like to use washi tape to decorate my layouts. I also like using different colored inks to shade in the task boxes (the ink colors usually coordinate with my washi tape). Sometimes I’ll write a task in a different color so that I notice it first. My goal is to incorporate more hand drawn doodles and borders with colors into my layouts but it’s hard because I love my washi tape so much. 😂😅 
Rachel @bookishwonderland also tagged me to show what’s in my pencil case. I actually took out pens for my pencil case for this shot. I usually carry a combination of Staedlers (top jar), Faber Castells (middle jar), and Sharpie Pens (bottom jar) in my pencil case. I carry the basic colors black, red, blue, purple, and green and then any accent or coordinating colors for the week. 
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