Handwriting Challenge: Guilty Pleasure, Tough Choices, and Word Art

The #rockyourhandwriting challenge on Instagram is kicking my butt! I spent quite a bit of time on these prompts: guilty pleasures, tough choices, and word art. 
You know when you envision how something will turn out and then there’s the reality? It’s like those Pinterest memes. You know, how it’s supposed to look and how it actually came out? Thank goodness for washi tape! It’s helping to distract my poor attempts at lettering. 😂 And yes. That is donut washi tape. What? Is that weird? Because when I saw it, it made total sense to me. Becca @pretty.packages had it on discount because she considered it a dud. Something about it getting misprinted but I don’t know what she’s talking about because I see donuts. And donuts are 😍. Because if these were real donuts that were considered duds, I would still eat them. Right?! 
Let me direct you to some really awesome accounts on Instagram with gorgeous doodles and hand lettering because then you’ll see the before and see mine as the after and you’ll understand how hard I tried! 😂
The wreath doodle was from Apsi’s @therevisionguide. She’s got mad skills and she does daily doodle challenges that actually aren’t hard. 

Go to @muliong to see incredible brush lettering with water colors! I love her inspirational quotes!
You guys know Alexis @dropandgivemenerdy? Go visit her page @nerdy.post! She’s getting ready to launch a bookmark, poster, lettered items subscription box based on books, movies, and shows. You should see the countdown videos of her hand lettering different fandoms. It’s both thrilling and amazing. 

Did you know Annette @booknerderie also has a lettering page @quoteandquill. She does bookish quotes too and you’ll also see lyrics from Mumford and Sons. I love her alphabet lettering videos! She makes it look easy! 
There are so many more accounts out there who have beautiful writing and doodles like @michelledaviesdoodles @felicity.felyne @randomolive @piecescalligraphy @thecoffeemonsterzco @wendywander7. I’m probably missing more. If I did, I’m sorry!



2 thoughts on “Handwriting Challenge: Guilty Pleasure, Tough Choices, and Word Art

  1. Sher

    I am really enjoying your blog posts. I am about to start bullet journalling and have the same problem with not having much skill at lettering or doodling. It doesn’t mean I am not going to try to learn 😃 I really like your page with the washi and lettering etc. Sher

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