Used book collection: Jane Austen inspired books and facts about me tags

This is my collection of Jane Austen inspired novels that I bought at the library used book sale about a month ago. Jane Austen is my favorite author and hers was also my first fandom. I love Jane Austen’s wit and characters and her books helped me get through my first year of teaching! I also made wonderful friends through the JA fandom for which I’ll be eternally grateful for. Another reason why I love Jane Austen is because she inspired me to write! I wrote Jane Austen inspired fanfic for about five years! 
This is probably a good post to also take care of the #5factsaboutme #10factsaboutme and #20factsaboutme tags. Let’s go for 15. Thank you Amy @ladyofthelibrary, Susan @plan_to_write, and Raydeyah @exploringbooks2.0 for the tags! 
1) In addition to writing Jane Austen fanfic, I also wrote fanfic for Inuyasha, Twilight, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and I’m playing with a scene from An Ember in the Ashes. Ssshhh. Don’t tell my novel. 
2) I don’t drink coffee. I like the smell but not the taste. 
3) A million years ago, I was an English Lit major. When I got close to graduating, I wasn’t sure what I’d do, but my sister had the same major but with an emphasis in teaching. Light bulb! 
4) We bought two female Guinea pigs from a pet store (the local shelter didn’t get back to us), but we ended up with three because one was pregnant. She came that way which is supposedly normal if they’re bought from a pet store. 
5) I was a middle school English teacher for over ten years before I became a stay-at-home mom. If any of my former students are reading this, HEY YOU. I MISS YOUR FACE. ❤️

6) I started listening to audiobooks this year and I love it!! I drive so much during the week which makes audiobooks perfect. But I’ve only checked out ones that I already have the hard copy for. Take that TBR list!
7) I’m a foodie. I’ll try anything once! In my previous post, I listed my fav foods. My life goal is to try poutine from Canada. I have other food goals but this is enough for now. 
8) I’m SoCal born and raised which means I have a warped sense of weather (What is snow?) and I’m incredibly spoiled by the year round access to fruits and vegetables here. Avocados are life. 
9) I’m not crazy about chocolate. I like peanut butter cups, but given a choice, I’d probably pick the non-chocolate option, especially if it’s a fruit tart, pie, cake option. 
10) I’m second generation Filipino but only speak English. I’m extremely sad about this especially since my mom’s family can speak Tagalog (the national language) and Ilocano (their regional dialect). 
11) I was already soft-hearted, but since I’ve had kids, I pretty much can’t handle anything where kids are suffering. No more Law & Order SVU and I haven’t read TiFiOS. 
12) I can’t swim very well. 
13) Since starting my writing program and writing my novel, I don’t really watch TV anymore. If I do watch TV, it’s something that’s been adapted from a book like Shadowhunters, Shanara, Sherlock, and Elementary. I feel less guilty about watching TV this way because I tell myself this is “research”. For what? IDEK. 
14) I’m also a certified copy editor. When I was researching getting published, I learned that editing was the most expensive part of the process. To help fray costs, I enrolled in a copyediting program. I thought it would be no big deal since I was, you know, an English teacher, but copyediting is so different than teaching middle school English which I learned when I took my diagnostic grammar test. 
15) I’ve known my husband for twenty something years. We met when I was 19. I was with someone else and so was he. That’s a story for another time though. 😉
If you’ve read this far, thank you!!
 tl;dr: I’m pretty awesome. 😁



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