Book Fest Haul

You know what the best thing is about attending a book festival? Okay. Meeting and talking taking to authors and book signings obvs, but also all the free bookish swag! I’m really excited about the book samples they had particularly A Study in Charlotte. I want to read this book so much! 
It’s so hard getting back to real life after an amazing experience at the book festival, but tonight I’m back at my writing program for a workshop. If anything, this festival has motivated me even more to finish writing my novel. The top picture is of all the books I got signed and every time I mentioned I was a writer, every author was very supportive and encouraging. It was such a positive and inspiring experience. I can’t give up because I put it out there and I’m putting it out here too. One day I’ll be at a festival but not as a reader!



4 thoughts on “Book Fest Haul

    1. Jennifer F. Santucci Post author

      It was such a wonderful experience. I’m so glad I went because I definitely needed to surround myself with such positive energy.

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