Happy Mail: pen pal and book mail

We’re back from San Diego–such a wonderful trip! I’m still in a daze over meeting all the authors from the Penguin Teen On Tour book signing. You can see my previous posts about it. I will warn you now that I’m probably going to talk about it for days because it was truly an unforgettable experience. Came home to find happy mail from the UK! Such wonderful items to come home to! My copy of All the Light We Cannot See finally arrived from Book Depository @bookdepository and I’ve received a lovely letter from Rachel @bookishwonderland! We’ve decided to become pen pals after exchanging cards through @thebookstagramtravellingcard hosted by Mäeva @readinginhongkong. I’m so excited! I’ll write back as soon as possible! 

That sweet little bird is a souvenir from Old Town San Diego. There were so many beautifully handcrafted items in cute shops. I may have picked a few items that I thought were cute and totally instagrammable. 😁
I’m already behind on all the challenges and I need to set up April in my bullet journal! 😳 Vacation is definitely over!



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