Handwriting Practice: Favorite Memory

One of my favorite memories is when my husband proposed. He wanted to make sure I had a good story to tell our kids. What I didn’t include in my handwriting entry was that I thought he was breaking up with me! 😂 He’s so even tempered most of the time that when he was talking about his feelings, I thought something was wrong! 😅
After I got over the shock (I stood there for two minutes saying Oh my god!), I said yes and the whole gallery applauded. ☺️ That is a packet of sticky notes with the painting Lady with a Parasol printed on the sticky notes. I found them at the Musee D’Orsay and had to have them because of the memory. Perfect for a stationery nerd, right?
This is for the #rockyourhandwriting challenge “Favorite Memory”. Hope you all have a fantastic Monday!



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