Bullet Journal Challenge: Favorite Lists

Trying to catch up on some challenges, but it’s our Spring Break and my kids want to be outside. Not conducive to the planner/booknerd/writer life, so I have to adapt. These are geraniums from Mother’s Day last year and I’m so pleased to see them in the garden this year. Here they are holding up my favorite lists!
In my writer’s bullet journal, I have a collection for my current reads, books to read, books to be released, and books bought. I love having all these lists in one place. I also use a tracker for the books I’m currently reading for the month too. I’m committed to reading twenty minutes a day and this has been the best way for me to track my reading. 

On the bottom is where I write down either the pages or chapters read. Once a book is finished, I shade the day it’s finished in red and check off the title. Then I go to my Genre Tracker to mark off which genre it was from. (You can see my Genre Tracker layout in the previous post.) 

This is for the bullet journal challenge #planwithmechallenge “Favorite Lists”.



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