Bookish swag: @wandwitchandwizard on IG

YOU GUYS. I CAN’T. My wands from @wandwitchandwizard came this week! The owner is Mäeva @readinginhongkong and you should check out her wand shop. She just added jewelry too! 
I won a giveaway she had quite a while ago, and I had a hard time deciding because they were all so good. I asked her if maybe she might make a Jane Austen themed wand (because she’s also a JA fan). She hadn’t planned to until I mentioned it. The top one is inspired by Mr. Bennet from the Kiera Knightley Pride & Prejuduce movie. Then the Sherlock wand became available and I had to have it too! 

She also included some Asian candy, a bookmark, cherry blossom stickers, and this wonderful card. It was such a wonderful package to receive at a very long week! 
Thank you, Mäeva! ❤️😘



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