My March Book Challenge: Week 4 “Rebirth/Renew” Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy

I don’t read as many YA contemporaries as I used to, but it was a real treat getting to read Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy @andimjulie. Willow Dean is confident and smart. She’s loyal to her best friend El and when they have a falling out, Will makes friends with a motley group of girls, Millie, Amanda, and Hannah. I also enjoyed Bo who was Will’s crush. Her insecurities about her weight and herself come through when he shows interest in her. I love how Julie Murphy captures this vulnerability without portraying her as helpless. Will is active in trying to get her confidence back and also figuring out what’s important. You can see my full review on Goodreads! I picked this for my book challenge #jennsbookishchallenge. This week’s theme is Rebirth/Renew. This is the last week of my thematic March challenge! I’m eager to see what you all come up with!



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