Costco Edition: Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

I seriously am trying not to buy books of a series that I haven’t caught up on or have at least gotten pretty far in. (Stars Above! You will be mine once I finally read Winter!) I started rereading the first three books of MI so I could watch the show, but I haven’t read any of the other books. At the time I started reading MI there were only three books! (Wow! I’m old!) Then when Lady Midnight came out last week, I told myself that I wouldn’t get it until I finished the ID first. Then Costco happened and I saw this! 

Me: Oh! Lady Midnight!
My Wallet: You’re not caught up with the series yet. You can wait. 

Me: But it’s only $13. *sees note to look at the inside cover* What’s this?
My Wallet: For the love of–Don’t you dare look at the inside cover!
Me: Don’t tell me what to do! *looks* 😍
My Wallet: 😩 You don’t even know who all these characters are! 

Me: Shhhh. I will. I will. 

I love book art! You all understand right? 

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