Bullet Journal: Genre Tracker

As a writer, I firmly believe one way I can improve my writing (besides writing!) is to read. I’m commited to reading 2o minutes a day.

I created a Genre Tracker in my writer’s bullet journal to help me see what kind of books I’m reading and how much I’m reading each month. 

  I love this already! I had a daily Current Reads Tracker for the month, but seeing it all for the year has really helped me see my habits. My favorite genre is fantasy. Of the eight books I’ve read so far this year, four of them were fantasy! šŸ˜… I need to branch out!

  You can also see from above that I added other genres to my tracker. It’s also color coded by month. 

For my current TBR, I’ve included a MG fantasy, YA contemporary, YA Western, YA fantasy, literary fiction, a Jane Austen inspired novel, a graphic novel, and poetry. Varied, but not static. I like how I can use the Genre Tracker to guide my next selections.


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