Book Challenges: Reading Progress and Recommendation

I picked this up, first because of the cover, but the synopsis drew me in right away. This is the first book in a middle grade series Wing & Claw: Forest of Wonders by Linda Sue Park @LindaSuePark. I’m enjoying this so much! Raffa is such a likeable character. He’s a young apothecary apprentice and has a gift for mixing remedies. So far, my favorite part has been when he ventured into the Forest of Wonders looking for the rare red vine which is known to have incredible healing properties. The world building is fantastic too. I particularly like how there are different kinds of healers from the reputable kind like Raffa’s family to the garblers–dishonest herbalists. I’ve just started part two and it has me like 😨. 

Raffa reminds me of Samwise Gamgee–always underestimated for his size, but stout of heart. Also, if you liked Alanna: Song of the Lioness, you’d like this book too. 

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