Handwriting Challenge: My supplies

Day 10 of #rockyourhandwriting challenge “My Supplies”. For my handwriting practice, I go between two notebooks. I use a regular graph notebook from Walmart to do drills and write out other things like quotes or drafts of notes. The handwriting challenges get written in my Blue Sky dot grid Big Ideas notebook. The paper is pretty good, but the pages are falling out because the sections are glued to the spine. Something I didn’t take into consideration when buying it. When I’m done with this one, I’m definitely going to buy a notebook that can lay flat and take the abuse. Suggestions? I’d like either for grid or graph lined paper with an elastic band to keep it closed. I’ve been side eyeing the LT1917 dot grid in Emerald for a while, but I hear the paper in the Rhodiarama notebook is much better for handwriting practice. For pens, I use the Pentel Sign Pens @pentelofamerica the brush tip and fine tip. I’ve also started using my Pilot Metro fountain pen with the fine nib @pilotpenusa I love for handwriting. 

Left over from my planner decorating phase, I have these Mambi Sticks and Jim Holtz conversation stickers. I actually didn’t like putting them in my planner and instead copied the quotes on to post-its so I could move them for whenever I needed inspiration during the week. I also like to copy them down for handwriting practice. 

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