Bullet Journal Challenge: Planner Sidekicks 

Day 9 of #planwithmechallenge “Planner sidekicks”. My writing and reading life planning are done in my LT1917 @leuchtturm1917 and my Real Life planning is done through my Maybooks @maydesigns. Believe it or not, I’ve scaled down quite a bit on my planner sidekicks. I used to use a spiral bound, predated planner for school and got caught up in all the decorating. Now my school planning has been integrated into my LT1917. I thought I’d miss the stickers, the paper clip flairs, etc., but I don’t. I mostly rely on my pens and washi tape now. (Can’t give up the washi!) Pictured are a few favorite washi prints. I’ll also use a paperclip or magnetic bookmark to mark a page I refer to frequently, but now that I’ve added page tabs to those pages, I might stop using the bookmarks too. 

My planning pens include Sharpie Pens and Staedtlers. I started using my Pilot Metro Fountain pen and I’m not sure if I like it for planning yet. I also like using the Sharpie Metallics to fill in the boxes for completed tasks. I just like seeing my dailies lit up with gold or silver. 😁 I also use a regular ruler but I did buy a metal one that I’m not sure about because it’s 18 inches–will probably keep it for crafting and get another one that’s shorter just for planning. I have a Vera Bradly @verabradley cosmetic case in small to carry my pens on the go. I love it because their cosmetic cases are lined and their prints are gorgeous. Then there’s my trusty Buttercream mug with the quote “She believed she could, so she did”. I like filling it up with tea while I plan and/write. 

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