March Read Along: Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman Chapters 1-6 Discussion

For March I wanted to do a read along because I had a lot of fun buddy reading with Sierra (a friend on IG) Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. RQ was such a good book to buddy read because there were so many moments that evoked reactions that an immediate discussion was needed! (Maven, why?!) I really enjoyed the experience and  I thought it would be neat to read with more people. 

I chose Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman because it had been on my TBR list since I first heard about it last year. A YA Western? YES. A female heroine who disguises herself as a boy to seek revenge for her father’s murder? YES PLEASE. The premise was so different from current YA books that I needed to give this book a try. 

If you haven’t seen the reading schedule, here it is. It’s spread throughout the month because I want to enjoy it and Real Life does demand some of my attention too. 

I’m hosting this read along on Instagram too, using the hashtag #jennsreadalong. 

I also have suggested prompts just in case people need ideas on what to talk about. What can I say? I was a teacher, so coming up with reading prompts was inevitable. 🙂

So this post is to kick off the discussion for chapters 1-6. To help get things going, I started an art journal that was inspired by Sarah’s (@newleafwriter on IG) art journal. She has a fantastic Introduction to Art Journaling post at her blog New Leaf Book Nook. Once I saw it, I knew it would be the perfect way to keep my responses to the read along or any other books! (I plan on doing a blog post on the process of creating the entry for this reading.) 

My process was to jot down notes while I read in my bullet journal and then create a response to the reading in my art journal. (There’s my teacher side showing!) I used the prompt Impressions since it was just the beginning of the book. 

So far the setting has me dazzled with its authentic feel of the Old West. I’ll admit, I haven’t read any Westerns, but there’s a gritty, harshness captured in the pioneer lifestyle that makes me grateful that I live in modern times. The main character Kate Thompson says this which left an impression on me:

The frontier ain’t for the faint of heart, and it certainly ain’t kind to women. Sometimes I think the whole world’s against us.

Instant love for me! I love characters with depth and Kate is proving to have it. Kate is also half white and half Mexican, so I’m eager to see how her biracial identity plays out. 

The conflict is Kate’s motivation, the driving force of the story. Her father was murdered by the Rose Riders. She vows to kill each of them. We learn with Kate that these group of men are despicable and feel her anger at what they did to her father, but then we learn that her father may not have been as innocent as she thought. 

I’m so excited to read more! If you’ve been reading along, what are your thoughts about chapters 1-6? If you’d like to join, it’s not too late! The first six chapters were only 60 pages–a breeze for super readers like you all here! 🙂 

Leave your thoughts in the comments below and warning: there might be spoilers in the comments! 


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