Mass Drop: Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop Fountain Pen

You remember that time I got that package from Mass Drop and I was like NBD. I’ll open it when I get around to it? Well, the minute the kids were in bed, I tore it open because I had been waiting for this since forever ago. Mass Drop offers group deals on fine items like writing tools, quilting, recording, and other speciality hobbies. One particular deal was for two Pilot Metropolitan Fountain pens or ball points in the Retro pop line for $22.95. 🙌🏽 It was such a good deal for not just one but two quality fountain pens that I could not pass it up! So I’m now the proud owner of Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop Fountain pens in green and turquoise. 🖋💚💙 And omg. I just didn’t know! I understand now. It’s like that time when Olivander helped Harry find his wand–incredible magic! This pen writes so smooth and the balance is fantastic. I’m so thrilled and I may have hugged my new pens. Just for like a second. Maybe. 

So I’d definitely recommend Mass Drop @massdrop if you’re looking for fountain pens and ink at a break in price. The only drawback is the amount of time it takes from when the deal closes, they get the product, and ship it. This deal happened at the end of January and my pens came yesterday (first week of March). It was worth the wait. (This is not a sponsored post.) #writerlife #writer #penaddict #pilotmetropolitan #fountainpens #massdrop #washitape #stationeryaddict #handwriting #handwritingpractice



2 thoughts on “Mass Drop: Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop Fountain Pen

  1. karensnovemberbook

    I actually own 2 waterman (watermen?) and I feel so writerly having them. Alas as a leftie, fountain pens have some drawbacks when using them, but they feel so good in the hand, don’t they? No bic ball point has that kind of happy weight behind them.

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