March Bullet Journal Challenge: Rapid Log

Day 4 of the #planwithmechallenge “Rapid Log”. In my previous post, I talked about all the winning at life I was doing last month, but my habitual mommy life was becoming less habitual and I realized I couldn’t remember ALL the stuff. I grabbed a beautiful teal cover with dotted paper notebook from @maydesigns and just basically did a brain purge off all the tasks, events, appointments, deadlines in both my writer and mommy life into it. It’s really just the essentials of a bullet journal format: monthly overview, events, and dailies. I did add a March tracker for recurring chores too. In just the two days I’ve started, it’s become the central hub for everything that’s going on. If it’s reading or writing related, it gets migrated to my other bullet journal. If it’s family related, it stays in the insert. 

Funny thing now is that whenever I need to organize details for anything now, it ends up in bullet journal format. 😂
#planwithme #bulletjournal #planning #bujojunkies #leuchtturm1917 #writersbulletjournal #writer #writerlife #productivity #maybooks #notebookaddict



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