Mentor Reading: Reading Your Work

Just finished up a fantastic mentor collaboration with our program director Wayde Compton @waydecompton for The Writer’s Studio Online at Simon Frasier University @cs_sfu. Tonight’s session was about reading our work in public. Wayde shared his experience reading his work in public and the logistics a writer might encounter while doing so. Very informative and insightful. Then we got our own assignment: find a public forum in which we read our work in front of other people. 

Hmm. Good thing I was just about to do some goal planning. Going to have to add this to the list: Read my work to strangers. I got this. πŸ’ͺ🏽😏 This is also for the #planwithmechallenge Day 3 Notetaking prompt. I color code my notes. Blue for main points in content. Green for my understanding of the main points. Orange for when I want things to stand out. 😁
#writer #writerlife #writergoals #writingcommunity #twso #wip #writersgonnawrite #writersofig #studygram #yaauthor #inspiration #productivity #igotthis



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