March Bullet Journal Challenge: My planner and Me

Sneaking in (because I’m supposed to be working on my workshop submission) to start the March #planwithmechallenge hosted by Kara @boho.berry Kim @tinyrayofsunshine and Jessica @prettyprintsandpaper. Day 1: My Planner and Me. I’m Jennifer. I use my bullet journal for my writing and reading life. It’s taken a few adjustments, but I’ve figured out systems that have helped with my productivity in writing and also incorporate reading as a habitual activity in my daily life. In addition to being a dedicated planner, I also love books, book swag, notebooks, stationery, pens, and washi tape. In addition to being a writer, I have four kids and am happily married to my best friend. I also used to be a teacher. 

My current bullet journal is a Leuctthurm 1917 in Anthracite with squared pages, but I swear the Emerald with dotted pages is seriously flirting with me right now. 😽<—See! 

#bulletjournal #planwithme #planneraddict #bujojunkies #notebookaddict #planning #writer #writerlife #writergoals #writersofig #writersbulletjournal #writersgonnawrite #productivity #wip #igotthis



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