Book signing: VE Schwab’s A Gathering of Shadows

I can finally post about this without feeling like 😭😭😭😭 every time I think about how wonderful an experience it was! On Sunday I went to a book signing for Victoria Schwab’s @veschwab A Gathering of Shadows. Also at the signing was Marie Lu @marieluthewriter and Gretchen McNeil @gretchen_mcneil! The discussion was fantastic! I loved that they talked about their inspirations and also who influenced them as writers. And guys, when it was time for the signing, I’m proud to say I kept it together and didn’t cry my eyes out (which I came very close to a few times). They were all so nice and supportive when I told them I was writing a book too. 

Funny story: while we were waiting for the authors to show up, my eye caught the cell phone case of someone who had the book cover of Everything, Everything. I looked up and it was Nicola Yoon @nicolayoon! I KNOW. She ended up next to my friends and I texted them they were next to an author! I was freaking out but they were like cool. They asked if she would sign a copy of her book for me. She came over to me and said hi and yes she would! I was dying! She was so nice! They all were!
One of my writing goals for 2016 was to attend an author signing and now I can check it off! But this was more than just another task to check off. It was so inspiring! I get teary eyed thinking about it. 

When I’ve recovered a little more, I’ll write a blog post about this! 

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7 thoughts on “Book signing: VE Schwab’s A Gathering of Shadows

  1. Eve Messenger

    Thaaaaat’s who Victoria Schwab ran over and hugged right before she started speaking. I had no idea that was Nicola Yoon. Good catch. This was my first book signing, too. It really was a happy and inspiring event. The vibe was so good.

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      1. Jennifer F. Santucci Post author

        Bummer. We’ll definitely have to plan something. I will be in San Diego at the end of the month for another book signing. Another panel, but the main author I want see is Sabaa Tahir. Are you near there?

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