Bullet Journal Challenge: New Ideas for March

Day 25 “Not ready and doing it anyway” and Day 28 “New Ideas for March” #planwithmechallenge. Okay, so I may need to get better at spending money on books and stationery. 😅 I started a log which helped curbed my book spending but stationery/pen/washi tape spending–not so much. 😁 Not ready because I’m afraid to face the truth, but I’m going to start a bujo in a Moleskin cahier for this purpose anyway. I know I need a tracker and a log. Not sure yet what else–budget, yes! Of course! A budget! I’ve tried the no spending limitation, but it just doesn’t work and I suffer massive amounts of guilt afterward. 😩
Me: Oh that washi tape though!
Wallet: No! No more washi tape!
Me: But I have a coupon! And this washi has words! Words are life! 

Wallet: You will have regrets!
Me: MUST HAVE THIS IN MY LIFE. I do what I want! (Buys washi with words on it)
Wallet: (judging me so hard)
Me: (feels guilt then) Ohh new pens!! Wallet: 😩 (This conversation may or may not be based on an incident in Michael’s last week. Maybe.) #bulletjournal #bujojunkies #notebookaddict #stationeryaddict #penaddict #washiaddict #planwithme #bookaddict



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