Bullet Journal Challenge: Didn’t work and Goal Planning

Day 23 and 24 #planwithmechallenge “Didn’t Work” and “Goal Planning”. I tried a modified version of Dee’s @decadethirty recurring tracker to set days during February for certain tasks. I really liked the idea of setting deadlines for book reviews and blog posts. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me. I didn’t include the due dates in my weekly agendas so that I could put the tasks in my dailies for the week. I will try again in March and I will also up my goals too. I met my reading goal of two books this month and actually read four! I also set a goal of writing two chapters this month and wrote four! Four seems like the magic number, but I’m only going to try for three books and two chapters again in March. Spring break is at the end of the month and we’re taking a quick trip to San Diego so I know I’ll lose a week to family and the holiday. That just means I have to work really hard the three weeks before Spring Break! Good thing I’m a ninja. 💪🏽🤔😁 The March prompts for the #planwithmechallenge are up at Kara’s @boho.berry page! Now’s a perfect time to start planning and winning at life! It’s going to be awesome! 🎉
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