#20beautifulwomen tag

The wonderful @jenniferwindram tagged me for #20beautifulwomen. I saw this tag come up in my feed dozens of times and thought I could slip by without getting tagged. Then when I got tagged, I checked the posts and I realized, I really needed to do this despite my anxiety of being in front of the camera. This tag is about representing light, inspiration, and kindness and I’m certainly all about that. Being a mother of four, I’ve struggled with my weight for the last 9 years. Hence my reluctance to be in front of the camera. I’m grateful for my babies, but it’s been physically demanding. I’m at the point where I can focus on getting me back without feeling too guilty about it since my kids are becoming more independent. I joined the #bookstagram, #writers, #bulletjournal, and #planner communities last year on IG and I’ve learned so much and made new friends–all the people who make up these communities have inspired and supported me in some way which gave me the courage to post this, so this is me with my never ending #TBR stacks. I’m also a #stationeryaddict of notebooks, pens, and washi tape. 

This is an Instagram tag, but I’d also like to acknowledge Eve Messenger here on WordPress! You’re such an inspiration!



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