Bullet journal challenge: Tweaking and Unique & Useful

This is for the #planwithmechallenge for Days 18 and 19: Tweaking and Unique & Useful. My bullet journal is used for my writing and reading life. I wanted a way to track my productivity toward finishing my novel. I modified the monthly layout into a tracker. Then I saw Kim’s @tinyrayofsunshine post about her Blog and Business bujo and I was inspired by her Blog Plot layout that she used for daily word counts with a year in view layout. I saw it and knew I needed to make one for my novel. I had some empty space at the bottom and decided to write down my monthly word counts. It’s such a boost to my confidence to see my progress and productivity laid out this way. The monthly calendar above is in my WIP bullet journal. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to use it but I knew I wanted some way to track how long it took me to write a chapter. The colored bars represent a chapter written. Turns out five days was how long it took! Now I have a measurable way of tracking my writing and setting deadlines. 

Lots of tweaking and I find them really useful. Unique? Not sure but I’m interested to see how other writers track their progress too. 

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