My book challenge: Week 2: Relationship Goals-North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell 

Here’s my offering for my book challenge #jennsbookishchallenge for Week 2: Relationship Goals North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell. If you haven’t had a chance to read Elizabeth Gaskell, then I strongly recommend that you give her a chance. She wrote during the Victorian era, so her stories are a bit grittier than Jane Austen because of the introduction to the Industrial Age during her time, but she also has a way of capturing the beauty of the country. Her characters are so likeable. It will be easy to get lost in her stories in a wonderful way. North and South is about Margaret Hale’s transition from a pastoral village to an industrial town. The town is home to Mr. Thornton’s cotton factory where conditions are harmful to the people working there. Margaret dislikes the way Mr. Thornton treats the workers and Mr. Thornton thinks Margaret has no right to look down at the way he handles his factory. Do you see where this is going? ❤️ Highly recommend this if you’re looking for beautiful prose and how a contentious relationship flourishes despite society’s expectations. 

Plus, the adaptation features Richard Armitage as Mr. Thorton, so there’s that too! ❤️😍🙀 #books #booknerd #bookworm #booklover #bibliophile #bookchallenge #instabooks #ilovebooks #booksandart #booksandflowers #reader #readerslife #readingisfun #instareader #ilovereading #ilovebooks #relationshipgoals #bookwormlife #elizabethgaskell #northandsouth #margaretandmrthornton



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