IG handwriting challenge: Drill-Favorite Word

Day 4 of the #rockyourhandwriting challenge “Drill: Favorite word”. Okay so I couldn’t come up with a favorite word but I love the meaning associated with family–love, light, and joy. It was a pleasure to practice writing this! The first two sets were a warm-up working up to my cursive and then printing to finish because I actually don’t print as much as I used to–printing was all day everyday in the classroom. Now that I don’t have tons of students watching me write from a document camera, my handwriting is more like the first two sets, full of curved lines and rounded edges–a lot like me! Haha. 😂
#handwriting #handwritingpractice #writer #writerslife #writersgoals #planwithme #bulletjournal #bujo #writersgonnawrite #instawriter #ilovewriting #washitape #washiaddict #staedtler



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