IG bullet journal challenge: Prompt Why do I plan?

Day 4 of the #planwithmechallenge “Why do I plan?” I’ve always been a planner and love knowing what was coming next and checking things off when they were finished. I’m not sure what it’s like not to have some kind of list going–I get worried that I’m forgetting something! My bullet journal is dedicated to my writer and reader life. I decided I wanted to become a published writer and so I came up with a plan. Haha. 

I started writing my novel last October and have been taking monthly word counts to see my progress. When I saw Kim’s @tinyrayofsunshine post about her Blog Plot, a light went off and I realized it was the perfect way to see and track my progress with my novel. I modified the Blog Plot into a Novel Log which is a year view of daily word counts. At the bottom, since I had room, I added a section for the monthly word count totals starting from October of last year. My goal is to finish writing my novel this year with a fluid deadline by summer time. 

For my monthly goals, I have a list for goals and then actions to make them happen. In the center, I added a recurring tracker for the month. That was inspired by Dee’s @decadethirty recurring tracker for the year. In it, Dee targeted dates each month for recurring tasks to be completed through the year. I wanted to incorporate it in my planning, but wasn’t sure where. When I reviewed my February goals and noted that I hadn’t gotten any book reviews written, a light went off and in went the recurring tracker. At this point, I’m trying it out as a monthly feature with goal setting. I don’t think I can commit to a whole year, but if it works well for me, I might set up a quarterly recurring tracker. My recurring tracker also includes post dates for blog posts and shooting days for IG. 

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