IG plan with me challenge-weekly/daily prompt

This is for the #planwithmechallenge weekly/daily spread. After a few trials, I found a system that works for me really well. In my Leuchtturm 1917, I set up a weekly agenda for the areas I have tasks to complete: reading, writing, social media, and TWSO (The Writer’s Studio). Then for my dailies, I go ahead and list from my Weekly Agenda what needs to get done that day. My recurring tasks are novel writing, reading, and TWSO (for homework). You could say I’ve made those my top 3 tasks for the day. For the month of February, I set up a separate Moleskin for my daily WIP notes and word counts. It had been in my LT1917, but I realized my notes were getting buried in my bujo dailies. It’s only been a few days with this system, but it feels so much more streamlined. 

And these magnetic bookmarks are from Target. I found them in the books section where they have the readers’ tools, but like only one Target near me had that section. 

#planwithme #bulletjournal #bujo #magneticbookmark #fabercastell #staedtler #washitape #leuchtturm1917 #moleskin #writer #instawriter #ilovewriting #writersgoals #writersgonnawrite #writerslife #productivity



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