IG Handwriting Challenge 

I’ve been wanting to improve my handwriting and the lovelies Kara @boho.berry Dee @decadethirty Jessica @prettyprintsandpaper and Kim @tinyrayofsunshine came up with this handwriting challenge for February. I swear these ladies are mind readers. Whenever I wonder about all things bullet journal related, one of them posts something about it! No joke! Seriously. Follow them to see their beautiful layouts but mostly to get inspiration for productivity habits. There will be no regrets. So, my IG user name is my name. Haha. When I start making queries for my manuscript to agents, I wanted it to be easy for them to find me. Plus, coming up with a username would’ve taken me forever. The F is my initial for my middle name which used to be my maiden name. 

If handwriting practice sounds like something you’d be interested in, check out the tag #rockyourhandwriting for the prompt or visit any of the profiles of the ladies mentioned above. 

#bulletjournal #planwithme #bujo #commonplacebook #handwriting #intro #fabercastell #washitape #washiaddict #writer #writerlife #writinggoals #pinaywriter



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